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Why do you need links and how to make links for your website?

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In the early days of link building, webmasters relied on so-called link farms to generate free backlinks. However, Google’s Penguin algorithm update in 2012 cracked down on these sites and nearly wiped them from the face of the web. Want to know how to set up your premium link generator today? Read this article for advice from a 10-year-old startup.

Why your site needs backlinks

Since Mark increases the demand on loyal users like this, I’d argue that his own pockets are ample. Putting up links on your site doesn’t need to be especially expensive — most premium link generators can generate daily or weekly earnings for as little as 10 cents per click.

If that’s too much to give your site a boost at the moment, you can try a site like Escrow.com to create a monthly contract.

Today, Mark’s facility appears to be buried under his corporate operations division, with a very light footprint online. Let’s dig into where Mark has spent the last few years — as a marketer.

As a top-notch marketer, Mark seemingly performs random acts of corporate kindness.

For instance, Mark created a scholarship program for University of California students. In the spirit of philanthropy, he hosted an artists’ conference in his offices; gave out MacBooks to students who wrote a blog on social media; invited influential players to give keynote speeches at an online event on LinkedIn; and, most recently (as of March 23rd), purchased Google’s Stadia gaming service.

Mark could probably open more doors if he tried, but the point is that these are big accomplishments with big grasstops. They say that time in your pocket gives you time for all kinds of good deeds. So, why are so few people aware of what Mark Lowden has done recently?

It’s because he chooses to maintain a low profile, keeps his head down, and does not broadcast. So, why don’t more people know he’s a marketer?

For one, he’s in the midst of a 17-month e-book project with James Altucher, published through Medium.com.

What are the most common ways to build links?

There are many different ways to build links to your website or blog. Links are the main currency of the internet, and backlinks are the most valuable currency of all.

If you’re trying to improve your site’s ranking on Google, creating links to your website is one of the most important things you can do.

Google wants to show relevant results to your readers. The way you show relevance is by placing links to your site on “related searches” that search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! can determine.

For example, if you have two related searches on Google related to skincare or vegan recipes, you will show up as high up as Google’s first page of results for both queries.

When searching for info on a product or service, people who don’t browse the first few results pages can show relevant content.

They scroll through the results until they find an item, they’d like to learn more about and click through to it. So, search engines serve up relevant content until they find a user that requests more information.

Google and its competitors second-guess the relevance of web pages, which is why source code-based tests are a must for optimizing your page for search engines.

Essentially, source code tests look at the HTML of your pages to see if a link is relevant to your search term or not.

You can have a little fun with this and use your measurements to track your webmasters into thinking an affiliate link is relevant. Sort of like sending them a thank you card for following your tips on how to optimize their site’s SEO.

You can scare webmasters into thinking a link is relevant by using scary word sets or term sets to condition the webmaster’s mind so that “follow-my-guide” is a natural action that they take while searching for answers.

To create a term set like follow-my-guide, keep the units and words the same but name the set in a way that makes it clear that the results are based on user experience.

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