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What are the most popular marketing blogs in fintech market

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By 2022, the worldwide financial services market is expected to be worth $26.5 trillion.

As of the first half of 2019, the fintech market share of 48 fintech unicorns was valued at more than $187 billion, or little more than 1% of the global financial industry.

As the Fintech market is growing, so is the Fintech Marketing Agency.

To work productively, Fintech Marketing Agency should keep up with the pace of Fintech Industries.

Marketing Blogs can come in handy for Fintech Marketing Agency to keep up with the trends.

Let us get to know some exciting marketing blogs that are helpful in fintech markets.

  • Growth Gorilla

Growth Gorilla is a fintech Marketing Agency. It also maintains a fintech marketing blog covering everything you might need to know while starting or expanding your fintech. From their approaches to their blogs, everything of their content is created by fintech professionals for fintech.

It also provides blogs on Webinar Marketing Services.

  • Voxturr

Voxturr is a community network with forums for fintech marketing tools and tactics, events, growth hacks for fintech, and expert advice. The consultancy’s content covers various topics, such as content marketing, Webinar Marketing Services etc. 

It also provides Webinar Marketing services to various clients.


PYMNTS is a payments-focused newswire. In-depth news regarding online and mobile payments, as well as webinars, research, and articles from financial experts, innovators, and thought leaders, can be found here. 

The majority of the content is geared toward the e-commerce sector. PYMNTS also offers comprehensive research studies on neobanks, challenger banks, insurtech, and emerging trends such as purchase now, pay later (BNPL) and earned wage access (EWA). It also provides blogs on Webinar Marketing Services.

  • PaymentsSource

PaymentsSource is a website that presents payment news, trends, analysis, and expert opinion. There is a lot of information under Regulation & Compliance, Risk & Analytics, Debit & Prepaid, Retail & Acquiring, Technology, and Global.

  • IBM

As a leader in technology, IBM provides understandings and news to the banking industry. The material concentrates primarily on new technology, but some authors’ ideas include payment projections.

  • Finextra

Finextra is a site where you can get all of the latest news in banking, payments, and startups. The service also includes a newswire or worldwide events calendar and thoughts from guest bloggers. Finextra also organises events and publishes research reports with in-depth information regarding financial assistance.

  • American Bankers

Consumer lending, debt collection, community banking, mergers and acquisitions, credit unions, and fintech are among the themes covered by American Bankers.

American Banker features a distinct, exclusive category containing financial professionals and their views into the rising business, a valuable resource for other executives searching for more in-depth finance research.

  • 11:FS

The firm offers advisory services, consumer and market research, industry benchmarking, and a well-known content portal.

Their content hub is organised into three categories: learn, plan, and act, an ingenious technique of dividing material for distinct stages of the consumer journey.

  • Finovate

For the last 20 years, the Finovate team has been actively attending banking and technology events, and they have also been arranging conferences across the world since 2007. Their blog focuses on advancements in fintech, banking, and financial services. In addition to fintech news and updates, there are interviews, roundups, and other features.

  • The Financial Brand

The Financial Brand is a digital magazine founded in 2007 by Jeffry Pilcher, who also serves as one of the website’s contributors. 

It focuses on retail banking and credit union marketing and strategy challenges. It also adds strategic analysis and real-world examples to the financial and banking news.

  • The Fintech Marketing Hub

The Fintech Marketing Hub is a community platform with forums for fintech marketing tools and tactics, events, growth hacks, and professional advice. Araminta Robertson, a fintech expert, writer, and strategist, hosts a podcast at the hub. The journal published by the corner includes a variety of fintech marketing tactics such as incentives, community marketing, and market research.

  • FinancesOnline

FinancesOnline is a free SaaS, B2B, and financial software review website that streamlines the process of locating the most satisfactory solutions on the market. Every year, they assist millions of consumers in comparing goods, reading customer reviews, and navigating expert reports to select a solution that will help their business flourish quickly.

  • Fintech Weekly

Fintech Weekly, which was produced in collaboration with Bank-Verlag, is a typical website with roundups; hence, it’s a terrific source for individuals seeking fascinating news from the previous week.

  • Fintastico

Fintastico is a project that aggregates the most recent news from various sources in the fintech business. Banking, Business Tools, Financial Researches, Investments, Payments, and other services are available for selection.

  • Tom Groenfeldt

As a Forbes writer, the author has a plethora of expertise in finance, banking, and technology and uses his skills to address the issues. He was recognised as one of the top 25 worldwide finserv influencers in 2015. So, if you’re seeking intelligent content, this blog should be on your list.

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